Hire Trade Show Entertainers

Trade Shows

Why use entertainment artists at your stand at a trade show ?

They have great visual impact (i.e. use stilt walkers, fire eaters, magicians). Automatically they bring attention to your stand as people want to see the tricks and want to know what all the fuss is about (natural curiosity).

Having a caricature picture, magic trick or silhouette cut out card given away will please potentional clients and break the ice for your sales staff to engage potential customers. Having a gift with your company name/log on it to take away with them gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Having a little humour from close up a magician allows prospective clients to relax making them more responsive to what you have on offer. Artists do not take up to much space on your stand and are able to walk freely about the exhibition so they can send the potential clients straight to your stand.

Having a magician or other artists will also give your sales staff a talking point to engage the potentional new clients.

All artists that are available to you from Butterfly Trix have the ability to adapt their show to your company’s products and services. Whether it is being painted (human statues) in your companies colours, letter headed paper for the caricaturists/silhouette cutters or magic trick boxes that have been customised to be given away by the close up magician (please look at our products page).

This can all be provided at very competitive prices and are just some ideas for you to make your stand a success.

Close-Up magicians
Human Statues
Famous Look-a-likes
Silhouette cutters

And much more...